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Why do 52.3% of people hate their jobs?

Maybe it's because there's not enough real talk about the real world. Not enough people sharing stories that could help others. Our mission is to change that. We're not experts, just trying to keep the promises below.

We won’t just write about CEOs

We get it. Being CEO is sexy. But while society salivates over corner offices, they forget about the cornerstones of the corporate world: managers, associates, secretaries & more. They're not executives (yet), but could have insights others don’t. Our job is to find those people.


We’ll wow you

Most magazines bombard you with forgettable listicles. Not us. We believe anything you read should be amazing. It should move you — and hopefully, improve you. That’s why we spend months writing each article, trying to get every vowel, syllable & sentence right.


We’ll get specific

Details matter. For each article, we show examples, templates & apps to immediately act on what you read. We do this because we’re tired of hearing advice (“shoot for the moon!”) that’s easy to say but tough to implement.


We'll go deep

Writing isn’t just about putting pen to paper. It’s about getting out there: interviewing people, digging through research & experimenting ourselves. That way, we can share what works & what’s BS.



Every Vowel was founded by Jon Youshaei, who has every vowel in his last name. A top writer for Forbes and Time magazine, Jon created this website to pay forward the career help he received in becoming a Google marketing manager. Jon has spoken at YouTube's annual business summit and gave a graduation speech that NPR ranked among the best since 1774 alongside Steve Jobs and JFK. For speaking opportunities and other inquires, email Hello@EveryVowel.com.

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